3 Free Call Log Templates

By   October 23, 2018

Call log template is downloadable here for free to set up a call log either for personal or professional use. Simply change basic details and information of the call log template with your own and start logging all calls of the company or business establishment. Call Log is a tool used by business establishment or company to note down the incoming or outgoing calls with more possible details. Call log helps any individual person or business establishment to simplify the process of logging personal and professional calls. One can make a simple call log using pen or paper but making one on computer provides a lot of other benefits.

Call log template for personal and professional use

A user can add all call related details such as name of the caller, phone number, purpose of the call, name of the person called, duration of call and date etc in the call log for record keeping. Having a detailed and updated call log at place makes the business or company’s communication process much easier and fluent. Sales force or supervisors can contact with customers easily by using available details and information in the call log. Call logs can be used for many other reasons. For example an individual person can use call log to track all incoming and outgoing calls to keep a sharp eye on phone usage. You will like these call log templates.

Microsoft excel is a user friendly computer program allowing all users to make and print call logs from home or office. Basic excel skills are required to make spotless and appropriate call log but an unfamiliar person may unable to make one from scratch. Below provided call log template is a simplest way to draft a call log on personal computer. Customize the call log title, company name and other details after downloading the call log template.

Download Free Call Log Templates:

call log templates


phone call log template


sales call log template