6 Free Deal Memo Templates

By   October 22, 2018

Wan to know that what is a deal memo template and why a film producer need to sign one? Go through the article and we believe you will appreciate this piece of writing to get an accurate idea about deal memo. We all like to enter into a contract or agreement in order to carry out a particular activity or job in legal way and deal memo is one of them. Essentially deal memo is a type of legal contract used in film making industry and usually signed between the film producer and the employee of the production that usually known as cast or crew.

Attributes of deal memo template

Deal memos are prepared and signed for different types of film making and production projects to hire crew by explaining all essential terms and conditions of the production. Just like a generic contract or agreement deal memo include details about both parties such as name of both parties, contact details, criteria of work to be covered by the employee or crew, details about financial compensation that production will give to the employee in return, length of the contract and terms and conditions to fulfill the contract legally etc.

Deal memo is little bit different from contracts and must be created with all essential details and information to make it legal in eyes of law. Writing a deal memo could be daunting for you if you are going to do it very first time but utilization of the deal memo template can help you a lot in this whole manner. Use of the deal memo template enables a user to write a deal memo just in few minutes because it is ready to use and also has editable fields that you can use to insert own details and information. Deal memo template is easily editable in MS word.

Download free deal memo templates

Cast Deal Memo Sample

deal memo 11



Producer Deal Memo

deal memo 22


Deal Memo Sample

deal memo 33


Printable Deal Memo

deal memo 44


Cast Deal Memo Example


deal memo 55


Film Cast Deal Memo

deal memo 66


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