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By   October 23, 2018

Large number of marketing tools and techniques is available among us and one of them is fact sheet. Our fact sheet template is specially designed to help you when making fact sheet for your own business or company. You will find Fact sheet templates very useful for you. A document providing useful details and information about a particular product, service or solution is names as fact sheet. Fact sheet allows a writer to communicate information and details in attractive way using a table, bullet points and headings etc. Fact sheet is just like a marketing brochure or flyer but there is huge difference between both. For instance, a brochure serves as a marketing tool by providing basic details and usefulness of the product or service you are advertising. On another hand fact sheets are just prepared for informational purposes nothing else. In these days, peoples are using fact sheets as marketing tool to boost sales volume as well as to generate new customers.

Free Fact sheet templates:

Fact sheets are not only used in business fields for marketing, but these can also be used to increase public awareness about something such as a dangerous disease or a public development program offered by the government. Fact sheet can be limited to one page or longer than 5 pages based on information and details mentioned. Limiting a fact sheet to only one page is recommended by professionals because it takes less time of the reader to understand all information available in the sheet. As a fact sheet writer, you must use each and everything that can make the fact sheet attractive and worth reading. You can write a fact sheet in any word processing computer program such as Microsoft word. Here we have an editable fact sheet template for our users offered for free to download. It can be the good starting point to write a good fact sheet. These Fact sheet templates are good.

Download Fact sheet templates:

Fact sheet template

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