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By   October 24, 2018

Generate a spotless genogram right away with this family genogram template without facing any difficulty. All elements of the genogram template are customizable in Microsoft word. Genogram is known as a diagram prepared by a medical professional or health care provider to outline the history of the behavior patterns of a family over several generations for variety of reasons. This diagram can be used to get help in various family related health issues specially for determining risk of developing disease. A genogram just looks like a family tree but serve totally different purpose. Special symbols are used in genograms to describe relationships, major events and the dynamics of a family over multiple generations. Use of genograms is common in various walks of life and one can make it easily using genogram template. It is a ready to use document equipped with editable fields that can be used to add personal data and information in genogram.

AboutĀ Genogram template:

A genogram is not only record family members and their relationships to each other, but also many of their physical and physiological attributes that can help in many ways. Details and information in genogram is presented by utilizing a particular system of symbols that makes it easily understandable. Genograms are commonly used in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work and education fields in these days. Drafting a genogram from scratch can be time consuming for someone but having a proper format on hand minimize overall efforts when making one. Below you can see an editable genogram template which is offered for our users free of cost. Downloading of the genogram template is must in personal computer or laptop in order to get help from. It is created in Microsoft word program which means editing can be made easily in the same software. Anyone can download the genogram template free of cost.

Download FreeĀ Genogram template:

Genogram template

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