5 Free Likert Scale Templates

By   October 24, 2018

Have a glance at likert scales templates given below here and choose an appropriate one to draft a likert scale to add in a survey or research questionnaire. Almost all likert scale templates are easily editable in microsoft word and lets a user to make and print likert scale shortly in tiny span of time. When it comes to know the attitude of people towards a situation or any other thing more quantitatively, a likert scale can be a handful tool to do so in best way. Likert scale is a process of rating the questionnaire responses made by a responder.

Features of likert scale template

Likert scale is mostly used in surveys and research work to know exactly that what people actually think about a particular product, situation or event. A likert scale has different rating scales usually from 1 to 5 that have been developed to measure attitudes of people directly. A responder can express his or her personal opinion or views about something by selecting a particular number or rating scale available in the liker scale. In a liker scale number 1 stands for strongly agree and number 5 stands for strongly disagree that can help you a lot to complete a survey or research in meaningful way.

Likert scale is a best principle of measuring attitudes by asking people to respond to a series of statements about a subject, product or topic. If you are going to conduct a customer satisfactory survey for your company products or services and want to add a likert scale in the survey then you can get required help from liker scale template which is given below here and downloadable completely free. A Likert scale lets you to uncover degrees of opinion so don’t forget to use an appropriate likert scale template to produce one yourself.

Download Free Likert Scale Templates Below

Survey Likert Scale

likert scale template 11

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Complete Guide About Likert Scale

likert scale template 22

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Likert Scale Examples

likert scale template 33

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Likert Scale Format

likert scale template 44

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5 Point Likert Scale Sample

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