5 Free Statement Of Work Templates

By   October 23, 2018

Below you can see the preview of statement of work template which is wholly produced in Microsoft word and also very easy to customize. It helps a lot in writing statement of work for different jobs, projects and construction works. Basic details of the template can be changed easily with your own information to make it suitable for personal use. A document used to describe a particular job or work in detailed manner is named as statement of work. It is also defined as a formal official document that indicates and lists the different project or work activities, deliverables and timeline to be performed by a mentioned contractor or project manager.

Statement of work template and its usefulness

Sometimes statement of work can be a vital part of a contract to explain what the customer or client needs to get done under the mentioned terms and conditions of the contract. It can also be written as an individual document to make project management fluent and efficient by explaining all expected areas of work or activities. It not only indicates criteria of work to be performed by the contractor but it should also include how success of the work or project will be assessed at the end.

Well written and detailed statement of work brings equal benefits for both customer and contractor. A customer can get exactly done what he or she want and a contractor can perform the right work or activities for the customer as mentioned in the statement of work. It keeps both parties away from disputes and misunderstandings. Everything should be unified in the statement of work with a flow so that it is easy to follow for the contractor. If your mind is totally blank about what should be included in a statement of work, then it is advisable for you to get help from statement of work template in this regard.

Download Free Statement Of Work Templates Here

Sample Statement Of Work

statement of work template 11

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Project Statement Of Work

statement of work template 22

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Blank Template For Statement Of Work

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Statement Of Work SOW Free Template

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MS Word Statement Of Work

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