Warranty card template

By   October 23, 2018

Are you still looking for an appropriate warranty card template? If yes, then stop your fingers for typing more because it is the just right place to get a warranty card template free of cost. This warranty card template is formulated in Microsoft word to make its editing calmer for users. Warranty card is known as a document issued by producer of the product at the time of selling loaded with a written promise that if the customer finds a fault or unsatisfactory factor in the purchased product or thing the company has sold to the customer within a definite period of time, the company or producer will be the responsible for its repairing or replacement without any extra cost or charges. Warranty card is a must document that customer or client need to show at the time of warranty claim and allows for a legal remedy if that promise of producer of goods or company is not true or followed. In this era of high competition, companies are using warranty cards to win trust of customers as well as to increase sales volume for their products. This Warranty card template is good.

About Warranty card templates:

Warranty card is a document generally postal card sized and usually placed in package or container of the product. Warranty cards are filled out by the distributor or seller with basic information about the product at the time of sales transaction. It may include blank fields to add information such as date of transaction, name of the customer, description of the good or products being sold, terms and conditions for warranty claim, validity of warranty card and type of repairing offered by the company etc. One copy of the warranty card seller sends to the company and other goes with customer. Warranty card must be filled with accurate details and information to get warranty claims when needed. You will like Warranty card templates here.

Selling new goods or products with warranty cards is the best way to maintain quality in your products as well as value your customers. Most of customers also like to buy goods with warranty so if you want to make warranty cards for your own products or goods, we recommend you to make use of warranty card template shown underneath the page. It is equipped with everything you will need when drafting warranty cards yourself on personal computer or laptop. This warranty card template is ready to use and suitable for all types of goods or products.

Download Warranty card templates:

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